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RT290 - High Speed Test System

Product Summary

The RT290 is a dedicated parametric test system for monostable and bistable relay devices with up to 8 changeover contact sets.

Key Features

  • Fully parallel test architecture
  • 4-wire Kelvin device measurement.
  • High-reliability - RT290 uses only solid-state test switching.
  • Test fixture continuity test.
  • Programmable contact loads
  • Traceable internal standards
  • Fast compiled software
  • Integral Windows based PC controller
  • Tests devices with up to 8 form C contacts
  • Performs all basic parametric relay tests
  • Option for relays with integral FET/transistor/timing pin
  • Reed switch test option
  • Menu style programming
  • Full data logging
  • Test programs compatible with Reflex 10, 10M and 510
  • Automatic handler and solenoid-based test fixture support

ASY0700 High Current Load Option

The ASY0700 adds programmable 0 - 30 Volt / 0 - 10 Amp contact load capability.

RT900 Hipot and Leakage (insulation resistance) Option

Dielectric breakdown (Hipot) and Insulation Resistance (Leakage) testing may be added to the RT290 parametric tests using the RT900 high voltage test system.

ASY0710 AC Coil Drive Option

AC coil drive capability over the range 0-270Vac and 50-400Hz may be added using the external ASY0710 power supply unit. This unit can be configured with a second programmable low power output primarily intended to be connected to the control pin of timing relays. A multiplexer option provides total coil pin multiplexing over eight output pins. All connections are fully Kelvin. Please click here for more information.