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ASY3000 - Test Fixture Series

Product Summary

The ASY3000 series relay device fixtures are based on a specially designed pre-wired 'soft socket' that provides full Kelvin connections to all relay device terminals. The construction of the unit allows for easy customisation to suit different relay footprints.

Key Features

  • Turn-key solution for manual device testing.
  • Full Kelvin (4 terminal) connection to every device pin.
  • Robust physical construction.
  • Switch provided to cater for single and dual coil device pin-outs (where applicable).
  • Suitable for through hole or surface mount devices.
  • Local PASS, FAIL indicators and local TEST switch fitted as standard.

The fixtures are suitable for direct connection to the RT290 and Reflex 10 test systems or other test equipment may be used if required. Both single and dual coil footprints may be accommodated.