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Reflex 80 - Relay Contact Chatter Detector

Product Summary

Reflex 80 is a MIL spec compliant relay contact chatter detection system, providing the hardware and software resources to monitor contact chatter during shock and vibration testing.

The system is expandable in groups of 16 device contacts to a maximum of 128 contacts. The system can be used to detect chatter events in the presence of both AC or DC contact load voltages. Each channel includes a software programmable filter over the range of 1us - 25ms. Up to 255 individual chatter events can be recorded for each device contact during the test sequence. A software automatic 'LEARN' mode enables the user to quickly configure the system when dealing with complex contact configurations.

A breakout (conditioning) module, shown below, located close to the DUT provides the interface between the DUT test fixture wiring and the Reflex 80 chatter detector module(s) minimises the effect of cable capacitance loading on the measurement circuit.

Optional switch modules are available to automatically control the relay device coil(s), vibration table etc.