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Application Notes and Technical Papers

This page contains files that can be downloaded and which contain technical information that you may find useful. Unless otherwise specified, all downloads are Acrobat PDF files. If you have any difficulties or questions, please contact us using the details on our contact us page.

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Description Date Presentation Slideshow
'A universal life test system' - a paper describing the architecture of the Reflex 51 test system. 14/05/12 Download PDF Download PDF
'CARTS TIP March 2012, Reflex 901B H.V. test system' - a TIP presentation focussing on the Reflex 901B. 27/03/12 Download PDF
'Configuring a Reflex system with a PC parallel port' - application note explaining how to configure a Reflex test system with a host PC parallel port. 17/01/11 Download PDF
'Coil transient suppression test - worked example' - application note explaining how to interpret the data from the coil transient suppression and how to optimise the test. 07/07/10 Download PDF
'Meeting the challenges of testing filtered connectors' - application note examining solutions to filter connector testing. 15/03/10 Download PDF Download PDF
'Reflex 40 an advanced test solution for relay stick, miss and functional testing' - application note examining solutions to stick and miss testing. 09/03/08 Download PDF Download PDF
'Reflex 51 DC Switch Module Selector' - application note to aid the selection of Reflex 51 DC switch modules. 25/07/06 Download PDF
'High Side Measurements using Inductive Loads' - application note detailing over-voltage protection of Reflex 51 modules. 04/07/06 Download PDF
'A new generation of Chatter Test System for improved performance' - a paper describing the architecture of the Reflex 80 test system. 16/02/06 Download PDF Download PDF
'Configuring a Reflex Quad/Dual DC switch module for AC switching' - application note describing the conversion of a Reflex DC switching module for use with AC voltages. 17/10/05 Download PDF
'All You've Ever Wanted In a Relay or Switch Tester' - a paper describing relay testing using a low cost modular architecture. 13/03/05 Download PDF Download PDF
'Harnessing the power of the Web brings new possibilities to relay test equipment and data' - a paper describing the control of test equipment via a TCP/IP interface. 15/03/04 Download PDF
'Reflex 51 a flexible solution to high power life testing' - a slide presentation of the Reflex 51. 15/03/04 Download PDF
'A solution for the testing of complex multi-pole connectors and relays' - a paper examining the Reflex 950 connector test system. 06/03/03 Download PDF Download PDF
'Bringing Insight into the analysis of relay life-test failures' - an explanation of the Reflex 50 contact measurement technique. 05/03/03 Download PDF Download PDF
'Evaluating relay test equipment solutions for features, benefits and costs' - a paper which identifies the real cost of test per part. 27/02/02 Download PDF Download PDF
'Bringing simplicity and clarity back into the parametric and life-testing of relay devices' - a review of test system hardware and software for ease of use. 27/02/01 Download PDF
'Guide to using external contact load voltages with the RT290' - a detailed look at the contact conditions when using the ASY0700 contact load unit with the RT290. 15/12/00 Download PDF
'An introduction to the Development, Architecture and Capability of Reflex components' - a basic introduction to the Reflex test system architecture. 25/02/00 Download PDF
'Real Time Analysis of the Contact Electrical Environment During Switching' - a paper which examines the processing of captured data. 26/02/99 Download PDF
'Creating linked relay test steps to achieve a custom device test' - how to achieve a custom relay device test by linking ramp and contact resistance tests such that the coil control timing and drive levels act as if a single custom test had been created. An example is shown of measuring contact resistance's related to the measured operate and release voltage of the device. 28/11/97 Download PDF ArtWorks file
'Testing two single contacts on each RT90/RT290 changeover contact' - how to connect two single contacts to each RT90 or RT290 changeover contact wiring to enable a relay constructed as (say) 2 Form-A and 2 Form-B contacts to be tested. Diagrams show how to connect the Kelvin wiring together with a small amount of additional circuitry and how to control it from the test. 26/11/97 Download PDF
'A technical overview of Relay Test Products from Applied Relay Testing' - describes the RT290, RT901 and GPTF. 16/01/97 Download PDF
'AN310196 'Fast testing with the RT290 parametric test system' - outlines the high speeds possible when testing relay devices on a production line using the RT290 parametric relay test system. 31/01/96 Download PDF