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RT900 - 1500V DWV/IR Test System

Product Summary

When used in conjunction with ART's own parametric relay test systems such as the RT290, the RT900 offers high speed AC and DC Hipot (dielectric withstand voltage) and Leakage testing of relays or other multi-pin passive devices.

Key Features

  • Dual test site option for increased throughput.
  • Fully guarded architecture for best IR accuracy.
  • Parametric capability when used with RT290, Reflex 10, Reflex 20.
  • Expandable contact and coil configurations.
  • Comprehensive software package with full data logging.
  • Optional calibration module ASY0780

A novel test architecture automates Breakdown and Insulation Resistance testing of various combinations of device pins at up to 1.5kV peak AC or DC. Expandable for pin-pin tests on relays with up-to 2 coils and 4 changeover contacts or single coil devices with up to 6 changeover contacts. Dual test site (shown above) option available. All parametric device connections fully Kelvin.