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Reflex 40 - Stick & Miss Test System

Product Summary

The Reflex 40 can automatically monitor both the Pull-in/Drop-out voltage and Stick/Miss performance of up to 128 contacts. Windows software allows the system to be configured for a wide range of relay contact and coil configurations and provides fully customisable test reports.

The system can be configured with external loads and up to 4 software selectable internal loads. The Reflex 40 is expandable in groups of 16 device contacts. Each group has programmable miss and stick voltage thresholds in the range of 0 - 8Vdc. External high voltage conditioning modules can be added to expand the operating voltage range as necessary. Both AC and DC device coils can be controlled using solid state switching for maximum reliability. A four terminal Kelvin connection is used on the contact connections for optimum measurement accuracy. A programmable cycle rate generator allows rates to defined over the range of 0.01 - 20.0Hz (optionally 200Hz) with a programmable duty cycle. Switch modules are available to automatically control the relay device coil(s), load selection etc.


  • ARTWORKS software now handles the testing of multiple devices in a batch allowing testing on individual relays to be halted while the system continues to test the remaining devices.
  • Dedicated 16 channel switch module ASY5733 provides cost effective control over multiple relay coils and contact loads.