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September 2021 - ART launches 32 channel switch module ASY5733

When used with an ASY5739 switch controller module, the ASY5733 module provides 16 software controlled DC semi-conductor switches. Uses for this module are, for example, for controlling device coils or contact loads. This is of particular interest with systems such as the Reflex 40 and 51 performing life/endurance testing of multiple relays simultaneously. In this situation, the 16 channel ASY5733 module solution provides a significant cost saving when compared with using multiple ASY5732 based dual and quad switch modules.

The 16 DC switch outputs share a single common terminal which is either positive or negative depending on the application. Note, the polarity must be specified at the time of order. A high current mixed D-type power connector input provides a connection to the common power rail. Connection to the sixteen switch outputs is via a standard D-type connector. Sixteen LEDs are mounted alongside this D-type connector to provide a visual indication of the switch on/off status.

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